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Your Reliable & Trusted Technology Partner

tekVatic is an established software development company and provides software development services, technology consultancy and IT outsourcing services to clients worldwide.

Founded in 2016, tekVatic has made the way from a promising tech startup to a mature software vendor serving over 1.5 million users. We craft innovative and engaging digital experiences, from software for PCs, phones, tablets to wearables.

We bring the expertise of developing advanced technology solutions for more than 19 years. Since 1999, our founders have designed, engineered and implemented high-end technology solutions across multiple business domains. Backed by a team that has a deep-seated technical knowledge and business expertise in various industries, we genuinely care about the success of our clients.

We also partner with technology businesses globally to create innovative products and help companies implement digital transformations. Having helped businesses across various industries and delivered solutions that are futuristic and scalable, we know what defines a successful software.

Our Business Philosophy

We focus on value creation through technology. We know what it takes to build successful products that are purpose-driven and result-oriented in an increasingly noisy world. We are smart, nimble, capable and passionate about what we do. If our work cannot propel your business forward, we will let you know up-front.

We take pride in the strength of our long-term relationship with our clients, many of whom are our repeat customers, and range from influential startups to mid-size enterprises. Our belief in customer's success as our success - has propelled our growth and helped us build affable relationships with our clients across the globe.

Flexible business automation services with endless possibilities & opportunities.

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Our Story

Our growth history shapes the way we work today. We began with only two people in a small room, with great expectations and the need to deliver good results and great customer services to get to the next day. With its humble beginnings, tekVatic strive for excellence and innovation - and has grown to maintain and build new relations that fueled its growth organically to provide a complete software outsourcing package.


From the beginning

Our story stretches back more than 19 years and encompasses inspiring work of thousands of hours.

We are developing technology solutions since 1999. And since then, where we had worked, we helped companies to innovate, deliver and be more successful at what they do as a business with their clients.

Nov. 2016

How it all started

We started working with a team in Munich on IoT of autonomous cars. Though we already have been doing a lot of random stuff in IoT and NoSQL but this was an exciting opportunity for us to further enhance our capabilities.

Our founders left their lucrative jobs - it was a tough decision. With decades of combined experience, they began by tackling the core workload. They relentlessly worked day and night and turned this opportunity into a long-term relationship.

Feb. 2017

Our first team

All the hard work and sacrifice paid off. We are proud of our achievement and all the team members who led us to this. This was the time when we realized that we need to get more resources to maximize our outputs. We hired a bunch of sharp technical associates; helped each other and propel ourselves forward.

We always wanted to put customers first and provided exceptional results—confident that profits and other business rewards would follow. This is what drove us to formally establish tekVatic.

Mar. 2017

Development center

We grew more stable and needed a large space as we had severely outgrown the one room that we had. We got additional 1200 sq. ft. on rent and officially established our offshore software development facility in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. This was the time when we shifted from strict consultancy to a full-service IT outsourcing provider.


Journey continues

Our story is still about delivering innovation that gives our customers an edge over their competitors. Digital disruption has a new direction and we are keen to use the latest tech trends to provide affordable technology solutions for everyone. Our team is passionate about customer success and our company culture and work environment support that dedication. We still innovate, deliver exceptional results and are optimistic about trying new technologies. Stay tuned!

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