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AI & Machine Learning

We power software systems with machine learning, AI algorithms and neural networks. We apply machine learning to improve the quality, predictive maintenance, accuracy and process efficiency. We help you craft natural language processing (NLP) systems that mine data and make human-like decisions.

Intelligent systems that can sense and respond to customer needs are inevitable to improve the bottom line of your business. We use deep learning techniques to unlock new sources of value creation, solve complex problems and accelerate innovation for your organization.

At tekVatic, we leverage AI & machine learning across a wide variety of use cases to transform streaming and data at rest into patterns, predictions, recommendations and actions for exceptionally intelligent interactions and business outcomes.

We develop intelligent AI applications and systems that can be trained to interact with humans using, voice recognition, language and intent recognition, and programmed decision making.

We help you automate your business operations, ensure fail-safe decision making with predictive models that analyze data and propose spot-on information, safeguard your business and significantly increase the productivity.

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Give your business the winning edge with artificial intelligence & stay ahead of the competition.

Contact our business team for exact details. We will do our best to reply your queries within 7 business days.

AI & Machine Learning Services

Data Science

We help you understand the data and determine behavioral patterns that affect important business events by analyzing data from various sources and providing relevant insights.

Deep Learning and AI packages

ML algorithms and integration of deep learning and AI packages in data analytics solutions. AI solutions for smarter predictions, voice, signal, image and sequence recognition.

Data Engineering

We build scalable data-driven pipelines to get your machine learning model deployed in business. Rules and analytical engine to derive intelligent, manageable, and secure outcomes.

Natural Language Processing

We harness the unstructured big data for evolving patterns to better know the information contained in the data and understand the meaning. Text mining/analytics for extracting hidden information inside your textual data through pattern recognition.

Digital personal assistants

Intelligent voice based digital personal assistants to control appliances, seek information and recommendations.


Improve customer service, optimize the workflow, reduce the response time with intelligent, smart, and reliable, intuitive chatbots that can chat with humans on their preferred messaging platforms.

Industry Focus

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are allowing industries with the highest volumes of multi-structured data to execute on behavioral information utilizing big data. We provide services to each industry at scale and for far less costs and amount of time while paying particular attention to business specifics.

Revolutionize your business with advanced AI solutions.

Contact our business team for exact details. We will do our best to reply your queries within 7 business days.

Industries We Serve