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Big Data & Business Intelligence

Advanced data analytics and data visualization that expands the power of BI systems with real-time data insights.

Technology is evolving rapidly to connect everyone and everything. Now data is more than simply a matter of size - it is becoming a must-have to tackle complex problems for every industry as today's business has more data than ever.

We at tekVatic, understand and cover every part of the information spectrum from data collection, storage, analytics and presentation. We automate your business intelligence and push forward the efficiency so that you drive value out of your data. Develop visualizations with improved quality of information, accuracy and distribution using stunning dashboards and graphs.

We integrate and bring together large volumes of structured and unstructured data from disparate sources, and harness complex data using various algorithms and data mining techniques. What you get is powerful insights derived from the vastness of mission-critical information, which makes your everyday decision-making fact-based and reduces risks.

We also help enterprises implement and customize off-the-shelf business intelligence solutions leveraging the full benefits of modern BI platforms, enterprise data management platforms and DataOps practices.

Our strong BI technology expertise, in addition to the valuable experience across enterprise data management solutions and industry domains, delivers your new competitive strategy on a unified architecture that provides end-to-end information management, tailored scalability, security and privacy from the inside out.

Big Data Services

tekVatic provides big data services to transform data into valuable information assets for faster and accurate decision-making and business automation. The solutions we develop allow better business outcomes through predictive, prescriptive, diagnostic and cognitive analytics.

Assessment & Planning

Evaluation of your current capabilities and take them further with a strategy to reveal the true value of big data for your business goals.

AI & Machine Learning

Implement artificial intelligence techniques to automate repetitive workflows, provide context-based information and recommend actions.

Implementation & Integration

Connect data, systems and processes throughout your business ecosystem and bring them into a single manageable silo for a real-time and complete picture of your information assets.


See exactly what’s happening just about anywhere in your business, displayed in the right context. Predictive analytics by using historical data, and other data sources to increase accuracy.

Data Security

Data-centric security solutions to safeguard data throughout its entire lifecycle and ensure compliance with internal governance policies and external regulations.


Transformation of data into visualized charts, graphs, data tables, and customizable reports enhanced with interactive dashboards that make analytics manageable even for non-technical users.

Business Intelligence

tekVatic provides solutions across all layers of the business intelligence stack - data aggregation, data cleansing, ETL, database tuning, OLAP, data mining, predictive analytics, reporting and dashboarding.

Custom BI Solutions Development

Connect data sources and applications under a unified user interface. The solutions we develop enable end users to discover, share, collaborate and act upon insights in real time.

Implementation, customization & Integration

Build up a warehouse and get your data ready for analysis – all clean, consistent and digestible.

Real-time Decision Support

Integration of business process management system, business rule management system, complex event processing and business activity monitoring.

Simplify data management and increase the effectiveness of data.

Contact our business team for exact details. We will do our best to reply your queries within 7 business days.

Industry Focus

Industry focus is the cornerstone of our approach to big data and business intelligence solutions. As data vary from one organization to another, we always pay particular attention to business specifics of each customer from different verticals.

Whether you are just planning or have already implemented big data solutions, we can help you maximize the return on your investment. From strategic planning to advanced analytics – we will be there to make that data work for you.


We carefully choose big data stack and expand it in line with the demands of the day to ensure that our customers can benefit from the latest big data technologies and frameworks.

Data Storage
and Services

Apache Cassandra, Apache HBase, HDFS, Cloudera, Redis, Microsoft Azure, Amazon

ETL and
Data Processing

Apache Storm, Apache Hive, Apache Spark, Hadoop MapReduce, Apache Kafka, ELK

BI and Analytics

Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Apache Impala, Pentaho, AWS Redshift, Tableau, QlikView

Unlock and discover the potential of your data, gain an improved competitive advantage, and drive new insights into your business and markets.

Contact our business team for exact details. We will do our best to reply your queries within 7 business days.

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