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We have developed connected applications from heart rate monitoring, integrated health system applications to enterprise-tier platforms.

In the evolving healthcare market, smart healthcare IT innovation and improvement must meet reliability, privacy and security requirements. We strongly believe that having the right systems in place can transform the patient experience, simplify data management, enhance security, ensure compliance and more.

Our expertise in the healthcare software development and knowledge of various platforms enables us to provide innovative interoperable healthcare solutions that are fast, reliable and stable. At tekVatic, we build innovative solutions that enable better patient care and give healthcare payers and providers access to meaningful data, analytics, and reporting.


Healthcare Providers

We build electronic patient records and administration platforms that improve support for clinical departments, services and operational efficiencies with better workflows.

  • Patient & provider engagement
  • Point of care application
  • Disease and medication management
  • Appointment & scheduling
  • Clinical application & gamification
  • Telemedicine

Connected Ecosystem

We build interfaces to ensure secure data exchange between EHR/EMR, claims, telehealth, mobility and other connected healthcare platforms and disparate systems.

  • Integration & interoperability solutions
  • Remote monitoring of medical devices
  • Healthcare IoT
  • HL7v2, HL7v3, X12, IHE profiles, HITSP

Healthcare Payers

Payers require real-time collaboration with providers, more than ever. With the rising changes and varieties in insurance plans, we help you along your journey and keep you ahead of the competition.

  • Insurance & claims
  • Claims & provider network management

Health & Wellness

mHealth has a far-reaching effect on the overall healthcare delivery, analysis, research, cost-effectiveness and much more. We can help you integrate with wearables and internet of things (IoT).

  • Personal fitness & tracking
  • Patient education and self-care

The real challenges lie in ensuring that the healthcare software being developed provides improved quality for a seamless patient experience. At tekVatic, we provide you with the vital advantage to equip your technology landscape for delivering assured excellence in providing optimum patient care and PHR management.

Our industry experience helps us in easily comprehending your requirements and translating them into customized healthcare solutions.

Most healthcare systems aren't yet equipped to process and protect the medically useful data from smart health medical devices. There are endless possibilities to discover and comprehend how this data can help in detecting the early stages of serious medical conditions or even taking care of chronic illness.

tekVatic has expertise integrating portable diagnostic monitoring units, lifestyle optimizers, and health check monitors in the digital healthcare ecosystem.

There is no shortage of technology in the healthcare industry. The problem is getting everything, and everyone, to work in concert. For us, there’s nothing more satisfying than being able to give healthcare organizations the tools they need to increase the accessibility and quality of care for patients.

We work hand-in-hand and offer services in optimizing current healthcare technology resources, making new information technology investments and defining healthcare IT strategies. tekVatic is well-positioned to meet the current and emerging needs across the healthcare ecosystem.

From systems that support better communication and collaboration to solutions that enable groundbreaking healthcare research and insights into patient health, we’re excited about the projects our clients entrust to us.

Why Choose Us

Domain Expertise

Deep industry experience working across various startups, small & medium enterprises.


Proven experience in helping businesses adopt digital transformation and disruptive technologies.


We combine process discipline with an agile approach to provide innovative & scalable technology solutions that help businesses innovate, compete and grow.

Cost Effective

We offer low-cost but of the highest quality software development services. Reduce your investments and get benefit from our strategic global delivery model.

End-to-End Partnerships

Start small or go big – we stay open and provide full support of flexible technology services.

Future-Proof Solutions

We develop solutions with capabilities to adapt to changes or integrate new technologies.

An exceptional combination of innovative people, processes, services and track record is What Makes Us Stand Out and makes us different from other offshore software development services and information technology providers know more

Our Focus Areas

Intuitive & Rich User Interfaces

Everything that affects an end user is part of the design process. At tekVatic, we adopt meticulous and structured processes right from blueprints, wireframes, prototypes and mockups. We work smarter to find solutions that work for our clients’ specific needs, and we do that by creating user interfaces that are clean, intuitive, scalable and friendly.

We deliver UI/UX that is current, empowering, brand-centric, robust and future-proof. Our interface designers infuse life into the designs and collaborate with you to create engaging visuals that really resonate with your target audience for powerful user experience and maximum ROI.

Regulatory Compliance & Security

We are aware of compliance needs and will work with you to establish the strategies to address HIPAA, PCI, FDA, GDPR, SOX compliance of your products.

Our DevOps team works with you in continuously monitoring your cloud infrastructure, network, data and workloads for threats, anomalies, load balancing and vulnerabilities.

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Connected technology solutions for smart, data-driven and cost effective healthcare. Our experts are always ready to help you and will do best to reply your queries within 7 business days.

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Connected technology solutions for smart, data-driven and cost effective healthcare. Our experts are always ready to help you and will do best to reply your queries within 7 business days.

Our Services

Cloud Application Development Services

Cloud Products,
Solutions and Services

Cloud Application

Transform your business with proven cloud technologies & infrastructure.

Graphic Designing & User Experience Services

Amazing Aesthetics,
Unparalleled User Experience

Design & User Experience

Combined strategy and research to design, and deliver captivating user experience.

Software Prototyping Development Services

Reduce the Cost of Development,
Set Right Priorities


Accelerate your time to market, refine functionality and avoid technical debt.

DevOps Services

Make a Shift to
Continuous Delivery


Apply automated processes and bring business, development and operation teams together.

Modernization of Legacy Software System

Make Your
Application Investments
Tomorrow Proof

Modernization of Legacy System

Transform your legacy applications to become more agile and efficient.

Mobile App Development Services

Expand Your
Presence in
Digital Marketplace

Mobile App

Handle any of your business and IT needs with robust, high-performing, feature-packed apps.

Middleware Application Development Services

Interconnect Multi-tiered IT Architecture

Middleware Application

Overcome integration challenges through a middleware technology that quickly, easily and securely connects your enterprise.

Software Quality Assurance Services

Quality Assurance,
Quality Control,

Quality Assurance

Custom-tailored full-cycle testing and quality assurance services.

Technology Consultancy Services

Minimize Your Business Risks

Technology Consultancy

Short-term and long-term consultancy. From your first steps with IT in business to large-scale IT implementations.

Capacity Building Consultancy And Technical Services

Widen Your Scope Of
Business Activities

Capacity Building

We bring many years of expertise together with know-how on interactive and participatory training, and capacity building methods.